About the film

feature documentary | 105’ | Scotland, UK | 2008

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Lansdowne Productions and the Scottish Documentary Institute have gathered together some of the most talented filmmakers and visual artists based in Scotland today. Collectively they have created the feature length documentary, the New Ten Commandments.

Now also available as single films:

01           The Right to Freedom of Assembly          David Graham Scott
02           The Right not to be Enslaved                      Nick Higgins
03           The Right to a Fair Trial                                Sana Bilgrami
04           The Right to Freedom of Expression        Doug Aubrey
05           The Right to Life                                                Kenny Glennan
06           The Right to Liberty                                        Irvine Welsh & Mark Cousins
07           The Right not to be Tortured                      Douglas Gordon
08           The Right to Asylum                                       Anna Jones
09           The Right to Privacy                                       Alice Nelson
10           The Right to Freedom of Thought             Mark Cousins & Tilda Swinton

Composer:   Jim Sutherland
Producers:   Noe Mendelle (Scottish Documentary Institute)
Nick Higgins (Lansdowne Productions)
Executive Producer for Scottish Screen: Carole Sheridan
Executive Producer for BBC Scotland: Ewan Angus

Supported by Scottish Screen, BBC Scotland & Scottish Arts Council


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